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Kidsfilmnet is a user-generated online database of children's films, professionals, activities and events created by and for all those interested in making, screening
and viewing of children's films in Southasia. This portal is created and brought to you by Southasian Children’s Cinema Forum (SACCF).

We are proud to present this constantly-updated and expanding database. You can use it to access films and filmmakers, festivals and markets, funders and distributors, training and workshops, research and resources, news and announcements related to the world of children’s cinema from across the world.

If you wish to create a page about your work you can register here. It’s simple and free!

Users below 18 years can enjoy publishing and navigating through this same information on youngreels.com – a web interface especially created for children and young adults!

Since data is self-published, SACCF cannot take responsibility for all information listed here. We encourage visitors to bring our attention to content that maybe inaccurate or inappropriate.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site and find it useful to promote your work.

For any query, suggestions or complaints please write to us at mail@ccfsouthasia.org


Simultaneous theatrical and online release for India's award winning children's film

Mina Walking

A debut Afghanistani film competes for awards at Berlinale

Ho Gaana Pokuna

Sri Lankan film directed by Indika Ferdinando travels to children's film festivals across the world

Kalo Pothi

Located in the tumultuous time of the civil war in Nepal, Kalo Pothi is a striking debut from Min Bahadur Bham

3 Bahadur

First feature length Pakistani animation releases in theatres across the country

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