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"‘If dad were alive… Would you still be together?’ · ‘Yes… Yes. I think so.’ Today is the day of truth. 12-year-old Tomás has listened to the grown-ups’ excuses and delaying tactics for long enough. His mother, his grandpa, the so-called friends of his dad have all conspired to weave a web of silence, excuses and contradictions. But now he’s had enough, because today is the day when the man who killed his father is being released from prison. And Tomás is ready. He has a loaded pistol in his rucksack. Fired up and determined to cut through the grown-ups’ lies, Tomás sets off though his home town. Following his debut Primero enero (Generation 2017) Darío Mascambroni once again demonstrates his talent for finely portraying a father-son story using atmospheric images close to his subject."

Target Audience: This film was specially made for children (under 18 years)

Suitable Viewing Age: For Young Adults above 12 Years


Mochila de plomo

(Packing Heavy)

  • Released
  • 2018
  • Argentina
  • Colour
  • 67 Mins
  • Live Action
  • Spanish

Subtitled Version(s): English

Director(s): Darío Mascambroni

Producer(s): Fernanda Rocca, Darío Mascambroni

Additional Cast and Crew
Technical Information
Festivals And Awards
  • World Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2018

    • Screened at Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2018

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    Address: Córdoba, Argentina
    Phone no: 54-9-3512033433
    Email: fernirocca@gmail.com

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