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Ten-year-old Jovan was born with partial cerebral palsy. Shy, self-conscious and without many friends, he often escapes in his imagination to a place where he is a crime-fighting superhero not limited by his own body. His world shifts when a new girl arrives in his class. Milica, not intimidated by much, chooses the seat next to Jovan and immediately enlists him to help her free her father from his girlfriend, whom she is convinced is a witch who has placed her father under a spell.The Witch Hunters is an honest portrayal of struggle and acceptance, and how true friendship can lead to undiscovered inner strength.

Target Audience: This film was specially made for children (under 18 years)

Suitable Viewing Age: For Young Adults above 12 Years

This film may contain scenes that have Physical Violence. Please refer to age appropriate guidelines for screening and viewing of this content in your country and screen at your own discretion .

Notes for teachers and parents: Derogatory language used to describe lead characters; guns shown in a television show; imaginary sequences featuring witches;physical fight at school; limited instances of strong language

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(The Witch Hunters)

  • Released
  • 2018
  • Serbia and Montenegro, Algeria, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Colour
  • 90 Mins
  • Live Action
  • Serbian

Subtitled Version(s): English

Director(s): Rasko Miljkovic

Producer(s): Jovana Karaulic

Additional Cast and Crew
Technical Information
Festivals And Awards
  • Awarded The City of Zlín Award - for the Best Children Performance in a Feature Film for Children, Zlín International Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2018
  • Awarded Best Feature Film, TIFF Kids International Film Festival, Canada, 2018
  • Awarded TIFF Kids Festival Young People's Jury Award (ages 8–10) , TIFF Kids International Film Festival, Canada, 2018
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    Producer Contact

    Action production,

    Producer - Jovana Karaulic
    Email: jovanakaraulic@gmail.com

    Sales Contact
    Festival Contact

    Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH
    Phone no: 49-030-21918220
    Email: info@plutofilm.de

    Daniela Chlapikova
    Email: daniela@plutofilm.de

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