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‘Everything is back to normal’ announces the voice over the loudspeaker, following a disruption in the metro system. But what is ‘normal’? And for whom? Hubert, a poet, falls victim to racist police violence. In this hybrid animated short, rats find themselves in a society dominated by white mice: an allegory and trenchant observation. ‘Je marche, je marche’ – thus the poet continues on his path after the attack.

Target Audience: This film was specially made for children (under 18 years)

Suitable Viewing Age: For both Children and Young Adults under 18 Years

This film may contain scenes that have Physical Violence. Please refer to age appropriate guidelines for screening and viewing of this content in your country and screen at your own discretion .




  • Released
  • 2018
  • Denmark
  • Black & White
  • 6 Mins
  • Animation
  • French

Subtitled Version(s): English

Director(s): Jeremie Becquer

Producer(s): Michelle Nardone

Additional Cast and Crew
Technical Information
Festivals And Awards
  • World Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2018

    • Screened at Berlin International Film Festival, Germany, 2018

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    Producer Contact

    "The Animation Workshop – VIA
    Address: Viborg, Denmark"
    Phone no: 45-87-554903
    Email: mt@via.dk

    Sales Contact

    Miyu Distribution
    Address: Arles, France

    Email: festival@miyu.fr
    Website: http://www.miyu.fr/distribution/en/

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