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A young Roma girl named Fati finds out her grandmother is sick with iron-deficiency anaemia. Not having the money to buy the medicine, she comes up with a creative plan and goes to see Andrej, a local mafia boss who often visits Grandmother Fatima to have his fortune told. The superstitious boss orders his bodyguards to rob the train. When Fati enters the police station, Perhan’s robbery investigation is about to take a totally unexpected turn. Amazed by the story, the police release Perhan and help to obtain the necessary medication for the grandmother.

Target Audience: This film was specially made for children (under 18 years)

Suitable Viewing Age: For Young Adults above 12 Years

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  • Released
  • 2017
  • Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Colour
  • 16 Mins
  • Live Action
  • Slavomacedonian

Subtitled Version(s): English

Director(s): Zlatko Kalenikov

Producer(s): Ivana Shekutkoska, Zlatko Kalenikov

Additional Cast and Crew
Technical Information
Festivals And Awards
  • Awarded Best short film award, Tuzla Film Festival, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017
  • In Competition at Macedonia Cinema Days, Sydney, Australia, 2017
  • In Competition at Schlingel International Festival for Children and Young Audience, Chemnitz, Germany, 2017
  • In Competition at Manaki Brothers International Cinematography Film Festival, Bitola, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of, 2017

  • Screened at Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania, 2017
  • Screened at Short FIlm Corner - Festival de Cannes, France, 2017
  • Screened at Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Pyrgos, Greece, 2017
  • Screened at NDU International Film Festival, Beirut, Lebanon, 2017
  • Screened at KINOdiseea, International Children’s Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2017
  • Screened at International Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2017

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Producer Contact

Strymon Film
Address: Skupi Str.14 Skopje, 1000 Macedonia

Email: office@strymonfilm.mk

Producer - Ivana Shekutkoska
Phone no(s): 389-2-3088617 , 389-70379859
Email: ivanan@t-rex.com.mk

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